Urology & Nephrology

Urethral Blockage in a Male Cat: Much More Than Expected

After successful resolution of a urinary blockage, why did this cat repeatedly exhibit straining and bloody urine or none at all?

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Medical Management of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

Wouldn't it be great if we could prevent recurrent urinary tract infections? This article addresses some possible solutions.

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Laboratory Evaluation in Dogs & Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease

Explore how to best use these 4 indicators to facilitate early diagnosis and enhance therapy for CKD.

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Respiratory Medicine

Bacterial Pneumonia

Bordetella bronchiseptica is a well-known cause of pneumonia. What other common pathogens can cause this disease, and how should it be managed? 

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The Case: The Worsening Pneumothorax

An 11-year-old cat diagnosed with pneumothorax is treated with thoracocentesis. Signs resolved and the patient went home, only to return days later with rapid, shallow breathing. What happened?


Clinician's Forum: Expert Views from a Roundtable on Canine Respiratory Disease Part 1

Canine infectious respiratory disease complex (CIRDC), more commonly referred to as kennel cough, continues to challenge private-practice and shelter-based clinicians. In this roundtable, a panel of experts discusses their experiences in managing this challenging condition.


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Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture: History & Application

Acupuncture is increasingly common in veterinary practice; however, despite its vast history, the best approaches for its practice in veterinary medicine are still debated.

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Shockwave Therapy as a Treatment Option

As part of physical rehabilitation, extracorporeal shockwave therapy may support bone, tendon and ligament healing; osteoarthritis treatment; and healing of chronic wounds.

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Stem Cell Therapies: Reality in the Making

Appreciation for the potential of stem cell therapies should be balanced with healthy doses of optimism and skepticism.

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Internal Medicine

The Physical Examination

This thorough exploration of the all-important physical exam includes step-by-step images and short video demonstrations.

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Rare Autoimmune Disease in a Dog

The cause of these clinical signs was based on presence of anemia, slide agglutination results, and negative imaging and vector-borne disease tests. What is your diagnosis?

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Top 5 Clinical Situations That Can’t Wait

All emergency presentations are not equal. Here are 5 clinical situations that can be life-or-death and how to intervene.

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Viral Diseases

Canine Distemper Virus

Clinical signs, diagnostic strategies, and specific treatments for canine distemper are described in this thorough review.

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Canine Parvovirus Exposure

Practices need to have a protocol for patients with potential parvovirus, including cleaning, isolation, and staff training.

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Feline Infectious Peritonitis

FIP, fatal once signs develop, is best approached with a concrete understanding of signalment, signs, diagnostic techniques, and management protocols.

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