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Making Salary Negotiations a Win-Win

Making Salary Negotiations a Win-Win

Successful negotiation often means being informed, creative, and flexible. Use these tips to think outside of the box. 

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Try these quick tips to help your practice stand out to applicants.


Complete your company profile.

The company profile is your chance to tell your practice’s story. Include details such as your core values, your accomplishments as a practice, the benefits you offer, and any other information that might help an applicant see what makes your practice unique.


Highlight your practice culture.

Veterinary professionals aren’t just looking for the right job—they’re looking for the right cultural fit. Share details about your practice culture in your job postings and company profile. Mentioning key characteristics like compassionate client service and work–life balance, or perhaps your team’s sense of humor, can help a potential applicant determine whether your practice is a good fit.


Feature your position in our twice monthly email to Clinician’s Brief readers.

Twice a month, we deploy a list of featured job postings to the Clinician’s Brief audience via email. This is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and get your job in front of the right candidate. Select the Job Flash Package to get access to this powerful promotion. 


Resources and tips for your entrepreneurial goals.

Building Your Company Brand

Building Your Company Brand

Building your brand starts with the why, the who, the what, and the how. Follow these 4 steps to ensure success.

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