About Clinician's Brief

Trusted daily essentials for practice life and patient care, delightfully brief.

Our Goal

For decades, Clinician’s Brief has helped veterinary professionals make critical decisions in veterinary medicine, earning it the #1 spot as the most essential publication for small animal veterinarians. Today, Clinician’s Brief provides concise, trusted guidance that helps veterinarians navigate their most immediate clinical and professional challenges and prepares them for their day, every day.

Our Family of Brands

VetMedux’s brands, Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s™, are designed to surround and support busy veterinary professionals as they work. Our Plumb’s™ products offer point-of-care tools that assist clinicians in diagnosing conditions, prescribing medication, educating pet owners, and more, from one easy-to-use website and mobile app.

Our Partners

We’re a different kind of media partner. For over 20 years, we have been reaching veterinarians and their teams where they live, work, and learn. With our medical expertise, strategic marketing platforms, and creative services, we can help you grow your business and build meaningful connections with our highly engaged veterinary audience.