Evaluating blood fructosamine levels is one of the parameters that is useful to regulate a pet with diabetes mellitus. It is helpful because it measures the duration and extent of the hyperglycemia and the half-life of the serum proteins. A possible pitfall with serum fructosamine testing is that even within a "well regulated range" a patient could be hyperglycemic for half of the treatment period and hypoglycemic during the other half. It is important to look at the patient's history for clues to such dysregulation. Comparisons of serum fructosamine to blood glucose concentrations can be used as a guideline. The samples should be taken simultaneously at midday.                 

Serum fructosamine Blood glucose        Status

(µmol/L) (mg/dl) 

< 400                                < 180                   Excellent control 

> 400                                < 180                   Poor owner compliance 

< 400                                < 60                    Overregulation 

< 400                              >180                     Stress-induced hyperglycemia 

> 400                              >180                     Poor control 

COMMENTARY: This is a nice review of the current literature on using serum fructosamine for monitoring diabetes mellitus in small animals. -- Deborah S. Greco, DVM, MS, PhD

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