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Brazil Exotics Specialists: Dogs, Cats, & More

Marcello Roza, PhD, Brasilia, Brazil

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Centro de Especialidades Veterinárias (Veterinary Specialty Center), established in 2010, is a 24-hour clinic in the capital of Brazil. Located in a neighborhood composed of people from all over Brazil—and from all over the world—the clinic serves a variety of patients. In addition to dogs and cats of numerous breeds, all with unique needs, exotic animals (eg, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, cockatiels, snakes) are frequent patients; the clinic employs a veterinarian who specializes in these species. The clinic strives to provide excellent care, in various veterinary specialties, to this wide array of patients.

The Team

There are 20 veterinarians attending in internal medicine and various specialties at Centro de Especialidades Veterinárias. Two of the resident veterinarians have PhDs, and many are pursuing specialties (eg, dentistry, ophthalmology, oncology). The team often participates in conferences and other scientific meetings in order to stay up-to-date and provide the best care to patients.

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Many of the team members attend courses, symposia, and lectures with the National Association of Clinical Veterinary Small Animal (Anclivepa-BR). In 2016, Anclivepa-BR will begin hosting an examination for obtaining the title of Specialist in Internal Medicine of Small Animals. In addition, many team members are affiliated with associations such as the Brazilian Association of Veterinary Dentistry and the Brazilian Association of Veterinary Oncology, and they pursue continuing education in these areas.

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In Brazil, the veterinary nurse profession is not yet regulated; the nurses are recruited and trained at the clinic.

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Services & Facility

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Among the cases treated at Centro de Especialidades Veterinárias are parasitic diseases (eg, ehrlichiosis), dermatologic diseases, and cases related to dentistry, ophthalmology, and oncology.

The clinic has 5 offices and a well-equipped surgical center, including exclusive feline service areas, an imaging sector with ultrasound and digital radiology, hospitalization and isolation areas, and a clinical laboratory that is capable of hematological, cytological, and biochemical procedures.

Therapeutic Availability

Therapeutic agents are widely available in Brazil. Medications commercialized for human use can be acquired under a veterinary doctor prescription, which reduces the problem caused by the absence of some veterinary drugs in Brazil. Despite the country’s enormous pet market, Brazil does not receive much attention from the veterinary medication industry. 

Clinician's Brief

In short, Centro de Especialidades Veterinárias is prepared to care for several animal species in various specialties, and is committed to offering excellent veterinary service. 

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