A professional and home-care dental barrier gel was studied for efficacy in 31 client-owned cats. Treated and nontreated control cats received professional dental cleaning and postcleaning assessments. Treated cats had a professional version of the barrier gel applied on day 0, followed by weekly applications of the home version of the gel by trained assistants beginning on day 14 and continuing through day 56. No barrier gel was applied to control cats. A blinded evaluator assigned standardized numeric scores to all cats following complete oral examination and assessment on or around days 28 and 56. While no significant differences were noted in scores for calculus deposition, gingivitis, and gingival bleeding between treated and nontreated groups, a significant reduction in plaque scores from baseline was seen in treated cats compared with controls.

Efficacy of a barrier gel for reducing the development of plaque, calculus, and gingivitis in cats. Bellows J, Carithers DS, Gross SJ. J VET DENT 29:89-94, 2012.