Nutrition for Skin Health: True Beauty Comes from Within

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About This Course

The skin is a metabolically active organ whose primary function is to protect the body from injury and infection. To ensure healthy skin and coat, practitioners must consider the total health of the patient and its nutrition. Deficiencies in essential nutrients can result in abnormal development of skin and hair, hair loss, inflammation, and changes in the skin barrier, hair color, and/or texture. Systemic diseases may also affect skin health, and proper medical management of comorbidities must be considered in the total patient care plan. 

In this webinar, we will discuss the optimization of nutrition plans to support skin and coat health, including essential nutrients for skin formation, maintenance, and repair; strategic nutrients and supplements used to balance inflammatory states or support the gut–skin microbiome; and nutrients that may help patients with challenges such as primary skin disorders and/or skin conditions secondary to systemic diseases.

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