New Treatment for Canine Parvovirus to Arrive to Veterinary Practice

Hailey Rein, Clinician's Brief

ArticleLast Updated May 20232 min read

A new treatment for canine parvovirus is coming to veterinary practice, Elanco Animal Health Incorporated has announced. The pharmaceutical company received a conditional license from the US Department of Agriculture for the first canine parvovirus monoclonal antibody.

Canine parvovirus is a common cause of severe gastrointestinal signs (including vomiting and diarrhea) in puppies and is associated with high morbidity rates, necessitating a critical level of attention—and emotional toll—from veterinary staff.1 To date, treatment for canine parvovirus primarily entails aggressive supportive care with fluid therapy, antibiotics, antiemetics, and nutritional support that usually requires hospitalization and intense nursing care. This monoclonal antibody treatment will be the first approved therapeutic solution to treat parvovirus.

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The canine parvovirus monoclonal antibody is a single IV dose proven effective in decreasing mortality associated with parvovirus infection. It also showed significantly faster times to resolution of most adverse effects of parvovirus.

The treatment can be administered in dogs ≥8 weeks of age diagnosed with canine parvovirus.

The canine parvovirus monoclonal antibody is expected to be available this summer, pending state approvals, according to Elanco. As details become available, further information will be released at Clinician’s Brief and at Plumb’s.

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