From Shots to Solutions: A Decade of Change in Preventive Medicine

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About This Course

There is no doubt that advances in science, technology, and culture have rapidly evolved the landscape of preventive care in veterinary medicine over the past decade. It can be especially challenging to keep up with our well-informed and social-media savvy clients who ask us about a new veterinary innovation or recommendation that we haven’t even caught wind of yet. To stay one step ahead, in this webinar, Dr. Zenithson Ng will discuss 6 specific preventive care recommendations that have changed over the past 10 years. From advances in vaccinology to the nuances of diagnostic screening, get details into practical communication strategies that can be implemented during routine appointments to improve compliance and take wellness to the next level. Whether you are a veterinarian who has been practicing for decades or who has recently entered the world of general practice, this fresh perspective on an age-old concept will reinvigorate the way you deliver preventive care. 

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