Podcast: Top 3 Conditions Missed by Skipping Urinalysis with Dr. Chu

Candice P. Chu, DVM, PhD, DACVP (Clinical Pathology), University of Pennsylvania

ArticleJanuary 2024Listen
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In this episode, host Alyssa Watson, DVM, is joined by Candice P. Chu, DVM, PhD, DACVP, to talk about her recent Clinician’s Brief article, Top 3 Conditions Missed by Skipping Urinalysis. Dr. Chu discusses the most common reasons veterinarians skip this vital diagnostic step and how to perform in-house urinalysis both more efficiently and accurately. She also covers the importance of urinalysis in diagnosing subclinical bacteriuria, Fanconi syndrome, and proteinuria. Dr. Chu reveals a potential contaminant commonly found in veterinary clinics that may impact the accuracy of “tabletop” urine samples.


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