Feline Osteoarthritis Quiz: Mastering Diagnosis & Treatment

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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common problem in cats, with ≈40% of all cats showing clinical signs; however, only 13% of affected cats are diagnosed with OA.1 Diagnosis of feline OA can be challenging for many reasons, including cats’ propensity to hide disease, lack of owner recognition of clinical signs, and inherent difficulty in performing a feline musculoskeletal examination.1,2

In addition, OA treatment options are more limited in cats than those available for dogs.1,2 Newer, promising feline OA treatments are on the horizon but are not yet available.1,2 This combination of challenges presumably leaves a large number of cats unrecognized and untreated for this chronic, painful condition.

However, with the correct tools and resources, timely identification and effective treatment of feline OA is possible. This quiz is designed to assess clinician familiarity with feline OA diagnosis and treatment and identify helpful resources to increase comfort level and skill.

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