Focus Your Dermatology Diagnosis & Care with Vetscan Imagyst™

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About This Course

Dermatologic cases, including skin and ear disease, make up a significant portion of a small animal veterinarian’s daily caseload. This session will provide an image-rich, case-based review of a concise, practical diagnostic and treatment approach to canine pruritus patients, with a special focus on the importance of cutaneous and otic cytology. Images and videos will demonstrate lesion selection and collection strategies to optimize the efficiency, accuracy, and utility of ear and skin cytology samples. This session will also explore a new and innovative way to obtain efficient cytology results for everyday dermatology cases through the Vetscan Imagyst™. Participants will also learn how deep learning AI can alleviate challenges surrounding workflow and the time it takes to read samples while providing practitioners confidence in the results for impression and cytologic smears.