Obesity Management Calculation Sheet (download the PDF by clicking the icon above)

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1. Calculate resting energy requirement (RER)
RER = 70(BWkg 0.75) fi 70( _____ kg 0.75) = ______ kcal/d

2. Calculate maintenance energy requirement (MER)
Adult dogs
MER (intact adult): 1.8 × RER = _______ kcal/d
MER (neutered adult): 1.6 × RER = _______ kcal/d

3. Calculate obesity management energy requirement (OM)
Adult dogs OM: 60%(MER) = _______ kcal/d*

4. Choose a weight loss diet
Name of dry diet _______________________ ____ kcal/cup = _______ cup(s)/day (divide into 2 meals)
Name of canned diet ____________________ ____ kcal/can = _______ can(s)/day (divide into 2 meals)

5. Treats (limit to < 10% of total kcal intake/d)
Name of treat _____________________ _____ kcal/treat = treats allowed/day

6. Rate of weight loss
1% of body weight per week: _____ pounds to lose per week (Please weigh your pet once every 2 weeks.)

7. Exercise is strongly encouraged

  • The most successful weight loss programs combine caloric restriction with exercise.
  • Start out any exercise program for your pet slowly.

8. How can you tell when the pet has achieved an optimal weight?

  • You should be able to feel ribs but not see them when pet is standing.
  • Pet should have an hourglass figure when viewed from top.
  • Your veterinarian can also help you determine when your pet has reached an optimal weight.

* Keep in mind that these are starting levels for kilocalorie intake. They may require modification throughout weight loss program. Some pets may require fewer kilocalories than calculated here.

† If pet has thick hair coat, it is important to rely on hands-on assessment of pet, not visual assessment.