Study of pain requires objective assessment of responses to noxious stimuli, but there are few such studies for testing pain in cats. This article reports on a device that measured pain using a specially designed bracelet. Rounded pins were advanced, and the pressure was measured using a strain gauge pressure transducer. The pressure was recorded at the end point, when the cats visibly reacted. To test nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, a small site of inflammation was created at the pressure point.

COMMENTARY: There are few approved analgesic drugs for cats-one of the reasons is because it is difficult to evaluate them. Although acute pain models do not precisely mimic clinical pain, the device discussed here appears to be a useful laboratory tool to investigate analgesic drugs.

Development of pressure nociceptive threshold testing device for evaluation of analgesics in cats. Dixon MJ, Taylor PM, Steagall PVM, Brondani JT, Luna SPL. Res Vet Sci 82: 85-92, 2007.