This study examined the use of milbemycin oxime (Interceptor, as a prophylactic treatment for spirocercosis, a widespread canine parasitic disease in the southern U.S. Puppies were administered 6 monthly milbemycin treatments (minimum dose, 0.5 mg/kg) at around 1 month of age; the prevalence of Spirocerca lupi infection was reduced from 88.9% to 61.2% posttreatment. Disease severity was also reduced, as infected puppies demonstrated significantly fewer esophageal nodules and smaller aortic lesions.

The use of milbemycin oxime in a prophylactic anthelmintic programme to protect puppies raised in an endemic area, against infection with Spirocerca lupi. Kok DJ, Williams EJ, Schenker R, et al. VET PARASITOL 174:277-284, 2010.