Podcast: Factors Affecting the Timing of Gonadectomy

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Welcome to the Veterinary Breakroom! In the breakroom, Alyssa Watson, DVM, and Beth Molleson, DVM, discuss the important, relevant topics affecting veterinarians today. If it seems like suddenly the timing of spaying and neutering has become a hot topic, you’re not wrong. What used to follow mostly universal recommendations has recently come into the spotlight as we continue to learn more about the benefits of individualized surgical timing. But how is a busy practitioner supposed to juggle yet another decision? Tune in as Dr. Alyssa and Dr. Beth share their thoughts as general practitioners.

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This podcast recording represents the opinions of Dr. Alyssa Watson and Dr. Beth Molleson. Content is presented for discussion purposes and should not be taken as medical advice. No guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any statements or opinions made on the podcast.