Advice to New Veterinarians, From Veterinarians

ArticleJune 20232 min read
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In light of the 2023 graduation season, we asked our audience what advice they would give their younger selves and to new veterinarians beginning their careers. Here are our top 10 favorite answers, in no particular order.

At the start, everything is hard until one day it is not. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Mistakes will happen and you will learn from them. — Juraj T.

Get the little Ethicon practice board and practice your suture techniques and knot tying ... Don't care more than the owner or you'll burn out quickly. — Jennifer H.K.

Don’t stop learning. Always seek to improve your knowledge and skills. — Alexander T.

Always take a break when you have to. It will save you from burnout and other mental health stuff. — Cherubim B.

Admit to clients that you do not know — but you will work together to figure the diagnosis out with every step aimed at improving quality of life. — Sally J.F.

Work hard. Grow thick skin. Don’t forget to have a life outside of work. — Jordan O.K.

Imposter syndrome is real, but you are valuable. Keep going. — Kellie T.W.

Learn from everyone you meet (technicians and doctors). You are only as great as the weakest person on your team. Share your knowledge. Techs are your allies! Use them, empower them, and deliver great customer service and quality care. — Vero R.

Keep an open mind! You never know where your path might take you. — Jen K.

Take vacations, even if you practice solo. — Lynn F.

Editor’s note: Some responses have been edited for length, spelling, and/or clarity.