Podcast: Therapy Protocols for Acute Hemorrhagic Diarrhea Syndrome in a Dog with Dr. Thevelein

Britt Thevelein, DVM, DACVECC, University of Georgia

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In this episode, host Alyssa Watson, DVM, talks with Britt Thevelein, DVM, DACVECC, about her recent Clinician’s Brief article, “Therapy Protocols for Acute Hemorrhagic Diarrhea Syndrome in a Dog.” Dr. Thevelein covers typical presentations, expected hematologic changes, and why calling it “HGE” is a thing of the past. She also emphasizes that fluid therapy is the most important aspect of treatment and explains why metronidazole can be considered almost entirely unnecessary.

About Our Guest

Britt Thevelein, DVM, DACVECC, is an assistant professor at University of Georgia, where she also completed an emergency specialty internship and a residency in small animal emergency and critical care. Dr. Thevelein earned her DVM and completed a rotating internship at University of Ghent in Belgium.

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