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The Team Lands on World Rabies Day

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The Team Lands on World Rabies Day

After a 33-hour journey, we landed in Goa, India, on Saturday morning—World Rabies Day!

After working with Mission Rabies in Malawi last year, I couldn’t wait to rejoin the team for our next adventure. This time, I’m joined by Brief Media CEO Elizabeth Green and Brief Media Human Resources Director Jackie Ramage. We met up with fellow volunteer Karen Enhert, DVM, for the trip to our hotel in Margao. After getting settled in our rooms, we took a walk along the shore. We met several friendly dogs along the way and got excited about our upcoming vaccination efforts! 

The weather is very hot and humid, especially during mid-day, so we made our way back to the hotel for our first team lunch. We chatted with volunteers that have arrived, then took a few hours to rest and recover from our journeys. A low-key dinner and an early bedtime finished off a great first day.

Brief Media team members (left to right) Jackie Ramage, Shelley Hurley, and Elizabeth Green.

Brief Media team members (left to right) Jackie Ramage, Shelley Hurley, and Elizabeth Green.

Training Day

While waiting for the remaining volunteers to arrive we had some time to explore the area, so we took a trip to Old Goa to see several historic churches, archaeological artifacts, and local markets.

We learned a lot about the history of Goa and ended the adventure with an amazing meal at The Ritz Classic in Panjim. That evening we gathered the entire volunteer team for training with project leader Amy Lewis. Training covered the history and work of Mission Rabies around the world and in the local community, as well as what to expect for the next 2 weeks. Most of the area’s dogs are strays or do not have a single owner, so we will walk the streets with trained dog-catching teams who will catch the dogs in large nets in order to restrain them for vaccination.

We were assigned our teams and provided our signature yellow Mission Rabies shirts!

Clinician's Brief

After dinner it was early to bed for everyone to get rested for the first big day of the vaccination drive.

Here is what our daily schedule will look like:

  • 6:30 am—Leave for our vaccination zones
  • 7:00 am—Start walking our area and vaccinating dogs
  • 9:00 am—Breakfast in a local cafe
  • 9:30 am—More walking and vaccinating
  • 11:30 am—Mid-day break from the sweltering heat
  • 2:30 pm—Back to walking and vaccinating
  • 7:00 pm—Dinner at the hotel

Watch for updates on social media, and be sure to check for updates at —Shelley Hurley

Shelley is the Director of Client Success at Brief Media, where she also serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for Brief Media’s partnership with Mission Rabies. She was a member of the Brief Media team in the 2018 Malawi Rabies Drive. 

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