Research Note: Ultrasonographic Peripheral Band & Suspected Lung Lobe Torsion

ArticleLast Updated September 20211 min read

This multicenter, observational study assessed the presence, distribution, and appearance of specific ultrasonographic features in dogs with lung lobe torsion. Of the 15 dogs in the study, 14 had a hypoechoic, peripheral band extending along the edge of the affected lung lobe with overlying areas of scattered hyperreflecting interfaces; these features were not observed in a single dog with an entirely consolidated lung lobe. Findings were then compared against CT and histologic features. CT findings included central emphysema surrounded by a peripheral, soft tissue attenuation band in 14 dogs; no band was noted in the dog with complete lung consolidation. Histologic examination revealed a comparable band consisting of thickened pleura. The authors concluded that an ultrasonograhic peripheral hypoechoic band associated with central emphysema in a noncollapsed lung lobe suggests compromised blood supply and air flow, and lung lobe torsion should therefore be suspected.