Research Note: Chronic Enteropathy in French Bulldogs & Miniature Dachshunds

ArticleLast Updated March 20221 min read
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Chronic enteropathy (CE) in dogs is categorized into subtypes according to responsiveness to food trials, antibiotics, or steroids/immunosuppressants. CE unresponsive to any of these treatments is classified as nonresponsive enteropathy. Differentiating subtypes can be difficult due to clinical and histologic similarities. The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II genotype in humans and the canine MHC (ie, dog leukocyte antigen [DLA]) genotype have been associated with several immune-mediated conditions. 

This study examined the potential for determining susceptibility to refractory CE through identification of risk and protective genotypes in French bulldogs and miniature dachshunds. No statistical difference was noted between dachshunds and controls. In French bulldogs, several significant associations were found between DLA class II genotypes and refractory CE. These findings support an immunogenetic component of CE in French bulldogs. Further studies involving larger sample sizes and different breeds may aid in early diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of CE through epigenetic approaches and breeding.