Podcast: Identifying, Treating, & Preventing Spay & Neuter Complications with Dr. Tarricone

Jason Tarricone, DVM, DACVS (SA), Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists, West Palm Beach, Florida 

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In this episode, host Alyssa Watson, DVM, is joined by Jason Tarricone, DVM, DACVS(SA), to talk about his recent Clinician’s Brief article, "Identifying, Treating, & Preventing Spay & Neuter Complications." Dr. Tarricone discusses diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of some of the most common complications of castration and ovariohysterectomy surgeries, including ovarian remnant syndrome (ORS), feline epiphyseal fractures, scrotal hematomas, and gossypibomas. He also touches on the efficacy and risks of autoligating ovarian pedicles in cats, as well as a possible future medical treatment for patients with suspected ORS.

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