Podcast: Top 5 Complications of Dental Procedures in Cats & Dogs with Dr. Babbitt

Samuel G. Babbitt, DVM, DAVDC, Virginia Veterinary Center, Richmond, Virginia

VideoAudioFebruary 2024Listen
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In this episode, host Alyssa Watson, DVM, is joined by Samuel Babbitt, DVM, DAVDC, to talk about his recent Clinician’s Brief article, “Top 5 Complications of Dental Procedures in Cats & Dogs.” In this lively discussion, Dr. Babbitt shares his best tips for preventing the most common issues associated with dental procedures, including how to increase the success rate of gingival flaps, the best way to approach a fractured root tip, and the specific extractions most likely to result in iatrogenic jaw fracture. Gain confidence in your dental skills by learning how to address and prevent these potential pitfalls.

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