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Walker M, Singh A, Nazarali A, Gibson TWG, Rousseau JD, Weese JS. Evaluation of the impact of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius biofilm formation on antimicrobial susceptibility. Vet Surg. 2016;45(7):968-971.

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Antimicrobial resistance has grown dramatically in both human and veterinary medicine and is a major cause of patient morbidity and increasing healthcare costs.1,2 Staphylococcus spp—particularly S pseudintermedius, which can display methicillin resistance—are common isolates in dogs and cats. Staphylococcus spp are known biofilm formers, which can further complicate bacterial eradication. Biofilms are particularly problematic in surgical site infections related to orthopedic implants.

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