Canine chronic bronchitis (CCB) is an inflammatory airway disease characterized by cough lasting ≥2 months in the absence of other primary cardiorespiratory disease. The action of substance P and its neurokinin 1-receptor (NK1-R) is involved in airway inflammation and the cough reflex. Cough suppressants alone are inadequate to treat CCB because they decrease clinical signs without treating underlying inflammation; this can lead to irreversible pulmonary changes and progression of disease. Maropitant, a potent NK 1-R antagonist, has been anecdotally used to treat canine CCB.

The authors concluded that maropitant is not suitable as a sole treatment for CCB because of its lack of benefit for airway inflammation. Future placebo-controlled studies are warranted to determine the efficacy of maropitant as a cough suppressant for dogs with CCB.

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