Making It Work: How Veterinarians Coped with COVID-19

ArticleLast Updated March 20221 min read
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When COVID-19 hit the United States in March 2020, veterinary professionals found themselves in the unique role of being “essential” but without the same support structure afforded our human medical counterparts.

As the number of patients seemed to increase, supplies decreased. We covered shifts as colleagues quarantined. We stood in the rain and snow to discuss cancer diagnoses with clients through car windows. We did our best to preserve our client relationships and our team members’ health.

Now, two years later, we are honoring the strength and resilience of our veterinary profession by telling your stories, in your own words. Click through this 3-part series of curbside confessions.

Part 1

As COVID-19 introduced a new and uncertain landscape, stress levels rose for clients and veterinarians alike, adding new tensions to daily practice life.

Part 2

Veterinarians also faced challenges within their practices, from understaffing and overfilled schedules to conflicting opinions about the world beyond the practice.

Part 3

Throughout the pandemic thus far, veterinary teams have been resilient, rising to meet each new challenge with creativity, determination, and a no-nonsense attitude that will serve us well as we look forward to a post-pandemic world.