Image Quiz: Allergic Skin Disease Lesions of Itchy Pets

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Allergic skin disease in dogs and cats is a common condition seen in the veterinary clinic and can decrease the quality of life for pets and their owners. Pruritus, secondary infections caused by self-trauma, and poor quality of life are among the many sequelae that accompany these diseases. Unfortunately, many pet owners are often not aware of what their veterinarian can do to help their pet. One study reported that nearly 8 million dogs go untreated by their veterinarian for their itch.1 The good news is that campaigns like Zoetis Itchy Pet Awareness Month, which has run in August every year since 2019, are helping to educate the veterinary team and pet owners on this condition. In 2022, >1.9 million pruritic patients received treatment during August.2 With more awareness comes more opportunities to diagnose and treat these conditions. Read on to test your knowledge of allergic skin diseases in dogs and cats.

Images provided courtesy of Ashley Detwiler, DVM, DACVD.

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