Fecal S100A12 as a Biomarker for GI Inflammation in Cats

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Zornow KA, Slovak JE, Lidbury JA, Suchodolski JS, Steiner JM. Fecal S100A12 concentrations in cats with chronic enteropathies. J Feline Med Surg. 2023;25(3):1098612X231164273. doi:10.1177/1098612X231164273 

Research Note

Fecal S100A12 is a biomarker of intestinal inflammation in dogs with chronic enteropathy that has been associated with severity of endoscopic lesions and response to treatment.  

In this prospective cross-sectional study, 49 cats with GI signs lasting >3 weeks and a complete diagnostic investigation consisting of blood work, abdominal ultrasonography, and upper and/or lower GI endoscopic biopsies were enrolled. Diagnoses included inflammatory bowel disease or chronic inflammatory enteropathy (IBD/CIE; n = 19) and alimentary lymphoma (LSA; n = 30). Nineteen apparently healthy cats were also included.  

S100A12 concentrations in a single fecal sample from each cat were measured and compared. Fecal S100A12 concentrations were higher in cats with IBD/CIE or LSA than in healthy cats. No significant difference in concentrations was noted between cats with IBD/CIE and those with LSA. Further investigation of fecal S100A12 as a biomarker for identification of cats with GI inflammation is warranted.