Euthanasia: Honoring Our Patients & Ourselves

ArticleLast Updated May 20221 min read
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We asked veterinary team members from a variety of backgrounds for their perspectives on euthanasia. Here’s what they told us.

Many clients assume euthanasia is the hardest part of a veterinarian’s job. How do you view euthanasia?

What do euthanasia appointments look like in your practice?

Do you find it difficult to move quickly from a euthanasia appointment to other appointments during a busy shift?

How did veterinary school prepare you (or not prepare you) for the emotions that can accompany euthanasia?

Have you ever refused to euthanize a patient when a client requested it? Have you ever performed a euthanasia you felt uncomfortable about?

Tell me about a euthanasia that has stuck with you over the years.