Podcast: Dermatologic Indications for Pentoxifylline in Dogs with Dr. Kennis

Robert Kennis, DVM, DACVD, MS, Auburn University

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In this episode, host Alyssa Watson, DVM, talks with Robert Kennis, DVM, DACVD, MS, about his recent Clinician’s Brief article, “Top 5 Dermatologic Indications for Pentoxifylline in Dogs.” This unique medication—once touted as a “miracle drug” and studied for treating atopy—has solidified its place in managing vasculitis and related conditions. Dr. Kennis reviews its many virtues, its minor baggage, and how he (and we) should use it.

Resource: http://viticusgroup.org/wvc-conference

About Our Guest

Robert Kennis, DVM, DACVD, MS, is a professor at Auburn University. He earned his DVM from and completed a residency at Michigan State University. Dr. Kennis earned his MS in veterinary immunology from Texas A&M University. He is past president of the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology and has presented numerous continuing education seminars at the state, national, and international levels. Dr. Kennis has received the Pfizer Distinguished Teacher award at both Auburn University and Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M Association of Former Students’ Distinguished Achievement award. His research interests include food allergy, endocrine alopecia, and feline bacterial infections.

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