June 2015
Peer Reviewed

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What do I need to know about diagnosing and treating interdigital follicular cysts on my canine patients?

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Pododermatitis is a generic term to describe inflammatory conditions that afflict dogs’ paws and is a common reason to seek a veterinarian’s opinion. A number of different conditions are known to cause canine pododermatitis (see Medical Conditions Associated with Pododermatitis in Dogs).1,2 Although pododermatitis in many of these conditions represents a clinical manifestation of a more extensive disease, some dogs have lesions confined strictly to their paws. Interdigital follicular cysts are a common reason for a dog to be presented with lesions confined only to the feet. The condition is often mistaken for foreign body or nonresolving pyoderma and can be a source of frustration for owners and veterinarians.

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