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August 2015 Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Focus

Follow a visual step-by-step guide for application of an Ehmer sling, and explore the many causes of growling in dogs. Plus, what does feline plasma cell pododermatitis look like? See the various presentations in this quick synopsis.  

The Importance of Susceptibility Testing in Selecting Antimicrobial Therapies

With the increase in bacterial resistance to traditionally used antimicrobials, susceptibility testing has become an important data resource for veterinarians to make informed decisions and help lead to prudent antimicrobial use.

Surgery, Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal

The Ehmer Sling in Canine Orthopedic Surgery

This guide to case selection and hip reduction is coupled with a step-by-step visual instruction on how to apply an Ehmer sling.

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Surgeon’s Corner: Femoral Head and Neck Osteotomy (FHO)

This video demonstrates surgical guidance, technique, and important anatomic landmarks for performing a femoral head osteotomy (FHO).


How-to: Passive Range of Motion Exercises

Passive range of motion exercises can improve function in patients with a number of conditions.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Human Fetal Ultrasound in the Veterinary Clinic: Is It Safe?

Pregnant veterinary professionals may be tempted to use their clinic’s ultrasound equipment for spontaneous self-scanning. But do these unplanned scans pose a risk for the developing fetus?


To Cut or Not to Cut: Inappetence in a Cat

An 11-year-old Maine coon cat presents for a 2-week history of inappetence and weight loss. Should this cat go to surgery?

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To Cut or Not to Cut: Toe Lesion in a Cat

An adult cat presented with grade IV/IV right pelvic limb lameness and soft tissue swelling. Should this cat go to surgery?   

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Pain Management

Top 5 Pain Medications in Clinical Practice

Which drug should you use and when? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of 5 common pain medications.

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Staff Handout: Main Classes of Analgesic Agents for Treatment of Acute & Chronic Pain

Download this handout to see the main classes of analgesic agents used to treat acute and chronic pain, including examples of each, how they are used, and special considerations.

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Prevent Chronic Pain By Treating Acute Pain First

Acute pain may resolve without treatment, but it can lead to chronic pain. Review the causes, signs, and protocols for pain management.

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Surgery, Soft Tissue

Surgeon’s Corner: Cystotomy & Scrotal Urethrostomy

When a dachshund presents with a urinary obstruction that prevents urinary catheterization, what would you do?


Quiz: Soft Tissue Surgery

This self-quiz details various aspects of soft tissue surgery, ranging from antibiotic therapy to surgical complications.


Open & Laparoscopic-Assisted Incisional Gastropexy

Whether using an open or laparoscopic-assisted technique, incisional gastropexy is safe, effective, and technically simple to perform.

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Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Stranguria & Hematuria in a Mature Dog

A small liver, large kidneys, and confirmed uroliths combine to provide a 100% predictive power for a certain diagnosis. What is it?

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Congenital Hepatobiliary Diseases in Dogs & Cats

Common congenital hepatobiliary disorders and their signalment, signs, and diagnostic and management options are described.

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Recurrent Giardia Infection in a Dog

A difficult case of giardiasis is used to demonstrate how to achieve resolution from among various strategies.

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