Top 5 Tips for Sedation & Anesthesia in Fractious Dogs

Fearful and aggressive dogs can be managed safely and effectively on surgery day. From initial client communication to recovery and discharge, follow these 5 steps.
Anesthesiology & Pain Management|Peer Reviewed

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Video: How to Palpate a Pulse


Sarcoma in Animals and Humans

Oncology|Peer Reviewed

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Open & Laparoscopic Liver Biopsy

This step-by-step guide describes how to obtain a liver biopsy sample by Baker punch and clamshell technique via laparoscopy.

Surgery, Soft Tissue|Peer Reviewed

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Pain Management in an Arthritic Senior Cat

Behavior changes may be the first sign of pain in some cats. Explore options for multimodal pain management in senior cats.

Anesthesiology & Pain Management|Peer Reviewed

Surgeon's Corner: Tail Fold Caudectomy

Watch this video and learn how to perform corkscrew tail amputation for dogs with coccygeal vertebral malformations.

Surgery, Soft Tissue|Web-Exclusive

Ataxic Gait in an English Bulldog

A young bulldog is presented for significant incoordination in all 4 limbs. Could metronidazole prescribed months ago be part of the problem?

Neurology|Peer Reviewed

Examination of the Ear

A thorough ear examination involves 3 independent parts. This step-by-step guide walks you through a comprehensive evaluation from start to finish.

Dermatology|Peer Reviewed

Flail Chest: Diagnosis & Bandaging

Appropriate stabilization of flail chest can reduce pain and result in better outcomes. Fine-tune your approach with this step-by-step guide.

Emergency Medicine & Critical Care|Peer Reviewed

Surgeon's Corner: Friction Knots & the Aberdeen Knot

Watch this video to learn the proper use of 3 common friction knots, and Aberdeen knot used to end a continuous suture line.

Surgery, Soft Tissue|Web-Exclusive

Cardiac Interventional Therapy in Companion Animals

Cardiac interventional therapy provides an option with reduced cost, operative times, and septic concerns as well as increased applicability.

Cardiology|Peer Reviewed

Progressive Head Muscle Atrophy in a Dog

A 9-year-old castrated golden retriever presented with a 9-month history of worsening muscle atrophy of the right side of the head.

Neurology|Peer Reviewed|Web-Exclusive

Canine Urohydropropulsion

Not all cystic calculi require surgical removal. Watch this video of urohydropropulsion performed in a 6-year-old female Akita for tips on this less-invasive procedure.

Urology & Nephrology|Web-Exclusive

Peracute Tetraparesis in a Boston Terrier

A Boston terrier is evaluated for peracute tetraparesis. Where would you localize this lesion?

Neurology|Peer Reviewed|Web-Exclusive


See the various appearances of chorioretinitis, coupled with the underlying systemic disease or other condition.

Ophthalmology|Peer Reviewed

The Physical Examination

This thorough exploration of the all-important physical exam includes step-by-step images and short video demonstrations.

Internal Medicine|Peer Reviewed

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