December 2013 Senior Care

Follow a step-by-step approach to proper chest tube placement and discover 4 ways to manage cognitive dysfunction. Plus, what are the top 5 conditions for physical rehabilitation? An expert provides her list!

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To Cut or Not to Cut: Elbow Incongruity in a Newly Adopted Dog

A 6-month-old spayed crossbreed dog was presented after the new owner noticed limping on the right thoracic limb at adoption.

Imaging Web-Exclusive

Surgeon’s Corner: Feline Thyroidectomy

This is a series of five cats that were diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Each cat had a palpable thyroid mass and was subsequently scheduled for thyroidectomy.

Surgery, Soft Tissue Web-Exclusive

The Case: Puppy with Parvovirus Infection

An 8-week-old miniature pinscher presented with lethargy and inappetance, and a parvovirus antigen test was positive. Aggressive treatment was initiated and the puppy initially improved, then continued to deteriorate. What went wrong in this case?

Viral Diseases Peer Reviewed

Bite Wounds

When a patient presents with a bite wound, it is necessary to understand the risk for iceberg affect and conduct a thorough patient examination to determine the best therapeutic approaches.

Surgery, Soft Tissue Peer Reviewed

Diagnosing Canine Urinary Incontinence

Following the algorithm provides steps to help determine the cause of urinary incontinence and to improve treatment outcome for patients.

Urology & Nephrology Peer Reviewed

Senior Care Checklist

Geriatric patients may present additional challenges for practitioners. Use this list of important criteria to monitor senior patients or share your own list!

How to Treat Cognitive Dysfunction

When treating a patient with cognitive dysfunction syndrome, it is important to manage the comorbid medical conditions and provide environmental, nutritional, and pharmacologic support.

Geriatric Medicine Peer Reviewed

Surgical Treatment for Bite Wounds

This step-by-step outline on surgical bite wounds treatment provides tips for improving patient outcome.

Surgery, Soft Tissue Peer Reviewed

Management of Sodium Disorders

Identifying the cause and cautiously correcting the derangement are essential to treating both hyper- and hyponatremia.

Internal Medicine Peer Reviewed

Chest Tube Placement

This step-by-step, how-to describes the process for placing chest tubes, including correct placement, modifications in emergent vs noncrisis situations, radiographic imaging, and international insights.

Respiratory Medicine Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Conditions That Respond to Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical rehabilitation can help restore mobility and musculoskeletal function in dogs with a variety of conditions. An expert selects her list of top 5 conditions that can benefit from this therapy.

Orthopedics Peer Reviewed

The Many Types of Shock

Shock, a syndrome in which clinical deterioration can occur quickly, has many causes, each one requiring careful analysis and rapid treatment.

Internal Medicine Peer Reviewed Web-Exclusive