February 2018

  • 6 steps to a detailed patient history
  • Follow this guide to diagnose and treat nasal discharge in dogs.
  • Review side-by-side cases of sarcoma in a dog and in a human.
Table of Contents February 2018

Can Children Get Pinworms from a Pet Dog or Cat?

Can dogs and cats spread pinworms to children? Get the facts about pinworm transmission.

Common Ophthalmic Neoplasms in Dogs & Cats

View commonly encountered ophthalmic neoplasms in dogs and cats.

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Pet Food Protein Principles

When it comes to protein, more is not necessarily better. Discover the top 5 principles to consider when making dietary protein recommendations.

Nutrition Peer Reviewed

Nasal Discharge in Dogs

Not sure how to approach nasal discharge in dogs? Follow this guide to the diagnosis of and treatment for common causes.

Respiratory Medicine Peer Reviewed

Sarcoma in Animals and Humans

Man vs man’s best friend—view a side-by-side sarcoma case in a dog and in a human.

Oncology Peer Reviewed


A detailed patient history can make or break a diagnosis. Follow these steps to increase the amount and quality of information obtained.

Preventive Medicine Peer Reviewed