January 2018

  • Explore 5 of the top complications of tooth extractions.
  • Review this case of territorial aggression in a dog.
  • Share these tips for safe animal transportation with your clients.
Table of Contents January 2018

North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum 2017

The antibacterial properties of honey and delusional parasitosis are just a few of the topics highlighted in this selection from the North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum.

Nutrition Assessment in a Dog with Osteoarthritis & Obesity

Follow a case involving a 71-pound pug to gain valuable insight into managing osteoarthritis with diet and weight loss.

Nutrition Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Tips for Animal Transportation

Being prepared is the best way to ensure safe, comfortable, and humane transportation of companion animals. Here are 5 keys to minimizing the stress of travel for pets and their caretakers.

Territorial Aggression in a Dog

Discover how careful consideration of a dog’s environment is a critical factor in evaluating and treating unwanted behaviors.

Behavior Peer Reviewed


Ketamine has a long-standing role in veterinary anesthesia. Review the pharmacokinetics, mechanism of action, clinical uses, and adverse effects of this drug.

Peer Reviewed

Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis

Not all feline oral inflammation cases require full mouth extractions. Discover key points to consider when treating feline chronic gingivostomatitis.

Top 5 Complications of Tooth Extractions

Knowing what can go wrong with tooth extractions is the best way to prevent complications.  Discover the 5 most common issues encountered when removing teeth.