September 2017 Feline

  • Explore this algorithm for diagnosing and treating obese cats.
  • What role did nutrition play in this cat’s lower urinary tract disease?
  • Follow this step-by-step guide to blood smear preparation.
Table of Contents September 2017

Feline Dermatophytosis

For felines there is only one FDA-approved systemic treatment available for eliminating the fungus from the follicle. How do you treat this infection?

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Image Quiz: Abnormal Shoulder Films

The shoulder joint is a site of pathology in both juvenile and adult dogs. Can you match the abnormal shoulder film to the corresponding disease or condition?

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Leptospirosis: Are Owners at Risk?

When a dog is diagnosed with leptospirosis, what are the risks to the owner? Review key points to help clients stay safe and well-informed.

Rabies Risk in Asia & Africa

For travelers to Asia and Africa, rabies exposure remains a real threat. Discover why the best advice is to get vaccinated before traveling.

Actinomyces spp & Nocardia spp

Bacterial cultures are not reliable when these infections are suspected. Review key characteristics of these opportunistic pathogens that can aid in diagnosis.

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The Case: Common Surgery Gone Awry

There is no such thing as a routine surgery. A generalist and an expert weigh in on a case of septic peritonitis following foreign body surgery.

Blood Smear Preparation

Follow this step-by-step guide to make perfect blood smears.

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Radiographic Interpretation of the Canine Shoulder

Proper identification of radiographic lesions is integral to diagnosing shoulder lameness. Follow this step-by-step guide to radiographic interpretation of the canine shoulder joint.

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Canine Insulinoma

A 7-year-old dog presents for a sudden onset of seizures. Discover which diagnostic findings were key in confirming an insulinoma.

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Antiseizure Medications for Cats

This practical guide contains a specialist's recommendations to treat seizures in cats.

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Lower Urinary Tract Signs in a Cat

A thorough dietary history and clinical evaluation was key to elucidating the cause of one cat’s lower urinary tract disease.

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Obesity in Cats

Tackling the problem of obesity in cats is no small task. Use this stepwise approach to devising a management strategy that works for the client and the patient. 

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Clinician's Forum: Expert Views from a Roundtable on Canine Osteoarthritis

Don’t wait until pets are in stage 3. Catch these subtle signs to help patients benefit from early treatment.

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