July 2017 Infectious Disease

  • Explore the challenges of diagnosing Echinococcus spp.
  • Test your nutrition knowledge with this parvovirus case.
  • Review 6 of the top urinary tract & prostate antibiotics.
Table of Contents July 2017

5 Quick Tips to Handle Fractious Cats

With training and preparation, most fractious cats can be effectively handled. We asked our team of practicing veterinarians to share their quick tips and tricks for safe and easy caregiving.

WVC Annual Conference 2017

From dystocia and dermatophytes to feline vomiting and ferret behavior, explore this selection of topics from the Western Veterinary Conference.

Top Urinary Tract & Prostate Antibiotics

Not all cases of bacteriuria are created equal. Follow this comprehensive guide to choosing the most appropriate antibiotic for the treatment of urinary tract infections.

Pain Management in a Dog Undergoing Orthopedic Surgery

A multimodal approach to analgesia provided optimal pain management for a dog with a femoral fracture. Explore a variety of techniques to help keep your patients comfortable.

Pain Management Peer Reviewed

Enucleation & Pharmacologic Ciliary Body Ablation of the Eye

Sometimes the eye can’t be saved. Review step-by-step guides and clinical indications for these salvage procedures.

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed

Nutrition Assessment in a Puppy with Parvovirus

Say no to NPO! Discover how providing early enteral nutrition can hasten clinical recovery in patients with parvoviral enteritis.

Nutrition Peer Reviewed

Echinococcus spp Tapeworms in Dogs & Cats

An increase in cases of canine alveolar echinococcosis may be a warning sign for a spike in human infection. How can veterinarians combat this parasitic disease?