May 2017

  • Follow this algorithm to treat dogs with decreased tear production.
  • Walk through 3 step-by-step procedures for fine-needle biopsy.
  • Can you name all 12 components of a basic cardiology examination?
Table of Contents May 2017

Image Gallery: Capnography

If properly interpreted, capnograms can provide practitioners with a wealth of information on a patient’s cardiorespiratory status. Use this image gallery to review capnograms that depict both normal and abnormal findings.

Anesthesiology & Pain Management Peer Reviewed Web-Exclusive

Quiz: Environmental Disinfectants

Selecting the appropriate disinfectant is essential for biosecurity and infection control. Use this quiz to test your knowledge of environmental disinfectants.

Preventive Medicine Peer Reviewed Web-Exclusive

Quiz: Congenital Portosystemic Shunts

Congenital portosystemic shunts (PSS) can masquerade as a variety of different problems. Use this quiz to refresh your knowledge of PSS.

Zoonotic Concerns and Raw Diets

Raw diets can present a multitude of risks to patient and human health. How should you advise a client who wants to feed their pet a raw diet?

Human Health Risks When Rehoming Overseas Dogs

As the popularity of international dog rescues grow, so can potential risks to human health and pet wellbeing. What special considerations are warranted when a dog is rehomed from overseas? 

Singapore: Site of the 2018 WSAVA World Congress

The WSAVA executive board met this spring in Singapore–site of the 2018 World Congress. Dr. Colin Burrows shares that experience and the delights that await those who attend the Congress.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a Diabetic Dog

Explore which medications are safe to use—and which should be avoided—in the management of this dog’s diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease.

Decreased Tear Production in Dogs

Multiple conditions can lead to decreased tear production in dogs. Discover the next best step when Schirmer tear test results are abnormal.

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed

Pancytopenia in a Cat

A bone marrow aspirate was key to determining the cause of this cat's mysterious illness. Evaluate this case of pancytopenia.

Clinical Pathology Peer Reviewed

The Basic Cardiology Examination

There are 12 components of a basic cardiology examination. Can you name them all?

Cardiology Peer Reviewed

Immunodiagnostic & Immunologic Techniques

Immunodiagnostic tests can assist in the diagnosis of infectious, endocrine, and neoplastic diseases. Understand how and why to choose the most appropriate test for your patient.

Clinical Pathology Peer Reviewed


Trauma and tracheal tears are two common causes of pneumomediastinum. Review the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

Respiratory Medicine Peer Reviewed

Clinical Cardiology History & Diagnostics

Obtaining a complete history is an essential step in a cardiac workup, and answers to these key questions will facilitate the diagnostic process.

Cardiology Peer Reviewed

Fine-Needle Biopsy for Cytology

Needle biopsies can be helpful in reaching a definitive diagnosis. Fine-tune your fine-needle aspiration technique with this step-by-step guide.

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Echocardiography in General Practice: 4 Views to Master

Learn key echocardiography views you can put to use in your practice today.

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VET Clinic in Martinez

Located in Martinez, Argentina, VET Clinic focuses its efforts on animal well-being and preventive medicine practices, in addition to raising awareness of responsible pet ownership.