February 2017

  • Zinc-responsive dermatosis: explore this uncommon skin disease.
  • What is the best nutritional approach for treating  this dog with an adverse food reaction?
  • Follow a step-by-step procedure for wound drain placement.
Table of Contents February 2017

Imaging of Calculi of the Urinary System

Use this comprehensive image gallery to review diagnostic imaging for urinary calculi in dogs and cats.

Diagnostic Imaging Peer Reviewed Web-Exclusive

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius Biofilm Formation & Antimicrobial Susceptibility

The response of staphylococcal bacteria to specific antimicrobials is commonly considered, but what if it’s complicated by a biofilm? Be prepared for a different approach.

Fluralaner for Treating Canine Scabies

The new class of isoxazoline compounds, including fluralaner, are proven effective against multiple external parasites. This trial evaluated whether scabies can be added to the list.

β-caryophyllene: Alternative to Chlorhexidine?

This plant-based antimicrobial compound can be effective against canine dental plaque bacteria. See how it compared to a traditional oral antiseptic and what it means for oral hygiene.

Unclassified Sarcomas

Surgical excision and biopsy may not tell the whole story of unclassified sarcomas. Adding immunohistochemistry can help identify the tissue of origin and provide important clinical information.

Mirtazapine: More Is Not Better

Mirtazapine has a wide range of effects and doses. Review of its use in cats revealed when adverse events were most likely to occur and how they can be avoided.

Sound Sensitivities

Noise-sensitive dogs and cats can be severely affected, but their sensitivities are commonly overlooked. Asking the right questions and properly equipping owners can help make life better for these pets.

Veterinary Medicine Needs Checklists

A simple proven way to make veterinary teams more efficient and improve patient care? Checklists.

Pimobendan & Degenerative Valve Disease: An EPIC Update

Pimobendan was evaluated for use in preclinical dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease. Will the results impact your patients?

Top 5 Diseases of Domestic Ferrets

Whether you’ve seen hundreds of ferrets in practice or are just thinking about adding these patients to your repertoire, you may benefit from this concise review of their most common medical problems.

Exotic Animal Medicine Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Ocular Complications of Brachycephaly in Dogs

The shallow orbits, short noses, and flat faces of brachycephalic breeds don’t offer much ocular protection. Keep an eye out for these 5 ophthalmologic problems.

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed

Feline House Soiling

Solving feline house soiling requires a thorough examination of the patient and the home environment. Start by considering these common reasons that cats miss the litter box.

Behavior Peer Reviewed

Canine House Soiling

Could a dog’s house soiling be caused by  house-training failure, a medical problem, or a behavior issue? Get to the bottom of canine house soiling by ruling out these scenarios.

Behavior Peer Reviewed

Adverse Food Reaction in a Dog

A careful diet history proved to be a valuable tool in this complicated case. Read how a change in diet diminished this golden retriever's GI and skin signs.

Clinical Nutrition Peer Reviewed

Craniomandibular Osteopathy

Craniomandibular osteopathy can cause bone proliferation so severe that patients cannot eat. Refresh your knowledge of this idiopathic condition, including prognosis and treatment.

Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis in Dogs

Certain dogs are more prone to zinc-responsive dermatosis. Get expert tips for diagnosing and treating the two most common clinical syndromes.

Dermatology Peer Reviewed

Wound Drain Placement

When used correctly, drains can help minimize fluid accumulation in wounds. Avoid pitfalls—use this illustrated guide to drain placement and management

Surgery, Soft Tissue Peer Reviewed

Ataxic Gait in an English Bulldog

A young bulldog is presented for significant incoordination in all 4 limbs. Could metronidazole prescribed months ago be part of the problem?

Neurology Peer Reviewed