December 2016 Senior Wellness

  • Discover 5 strategies for managing infectious disease outbreaks in shelters
  • From tip to tympanum—use these 3 essentials to perform a thorough ear examination
  • Uncover the 5 most common genetic diseases in dogs—and cats, too
Table of Contents December 2016

Image Gallery: Surgical Repair of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Dogs

A patient is presented for a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament (CrCL). Use this image gallery to enhance your knowledge of the options used to surgically repair CrCL injuries. 

Surgery, Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal Peer Reviewed Web-Exclusive

Diet-Related Canine Skin Conditions

How can diet cause skin disease in dogs? Here’s what you should know.

Dermatology Peer Reviewed

Caring for Stray Dogs & Cats in Istanbul

With a focus on helping stray cats and dogs and a savvy for social media, PatiSev veterinary clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, provides spay/neuter services, preventive care, and adoption services to animals in need.

Image Gallery: Anisocoria

Review ocular and nonocular causes of anisocoria using this image gallery.

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed Web-Exclusive

Nasal Discharge in Cats

Not sure how to approach nasal discharge in cats? Follow this guide to diagnosis and treatment for common causes.

Respiratory Medicine Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Genetic Diseases of Dogs

From allergies to airway disease, heart disease to hip dysplasia, this article explores common genetic diseases in dogs.

Genetics & Heritable Diseases Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Genetic Diseases of Cats

Treatment of inherited diseases should focus on long-term management rather than short-term control. Here are 5 common genetic diseases you’re likely to see in practice.

Genetics & Heritable Diseases Peer Reviewed

Multidrug-Resistant Urinary Tract Infection in a Dog

Viable treatment options are available, even with highly resistant bacteria. Review effective treatment strategies for difficult infections.

Urology & Nephrology Peer Reviewed

Recurrent Hematuria in a Dog

A 5-year-old dog suffers repeated bouts of hematuria. Determine the underlying cause with these steps.

Urology & Nephrology Peer Reviewed

The Case: Tremorgenic Toxicosis

A dog with severe tremors demonstrates that a toxicity can be present even absent a history of exposure. How should this patient be managed?

Toxicology Web-Exclusive

Top 5 Strategies for Managing Shelter Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Creating a comprehensive plan before an outbreak is the best method to control the spread of disease. Here are 5 keys to an effective management strategy.

Examination of the Ear

A thorough ear examination involves 3 independent parts. This step-by-step guide walks you through a comprehensive evaluation from start to finish.

Diagnostic Procedures Peer Reviewed

Quiz: Otitis Management in Dogs

Treating otitis externa can be a challenge for both clinicians and owners. Review principles of otitis management in dogs using this quiz.

Dermatology Peer Reviewed Web-Exclusive