November 2016 Endocrinology

  • Follow this guide to diagnose and treat flail chest cases
  • Test your nutrition knowledge with this urinary obstruction case 
  • Which tests should you run when hyperthyroidism is suspected in a cat
Table of Contents November 2016

Addison’s Awareness Quiz

Many dogs with Addison’s disease see multiple practitioners before they are diagnosed. Avoid this pitfall by Being Addison's Aware and take this quiz. 

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‘Hope’ Hospital in Iran

The largest small animal practice in Iran, Omid Veterinary Hospital boasts multiple specialty services and treats a variety of animals 24 hours a day.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Hint: the best time to learn CPR techniques is NOT when the patient is crashing. Get ready now with this up-to-date guide to managing cardiopulmonary arrest.

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Quiz: Diagnostic Testing for Cancer Patients

Initial diagnostic findings for your patient point to cancer. Do you know what additional tests to run? Use this quiz to enhance your knowledge of diagnostic testing for oncology patients. 

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Diagnosing Feline Hyperthyroidism

Use this comprehensive guide to discover which tests you should use—and in what order—to diagnose feline hyperthyroidism.

Canine Dermatomyositis

An ischemic dermatopathy is the hallmark of this uncommon condition. Learn to recognize the clinical signs of dermatomyositis.

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Urinary Obstruction in a Dog & Nutritional Assessment

Obtaining a thorough dietary history is important. Discover how nutrition played a role in  this dog’s urinary obstruction.

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Top 5 Recommendations for Using Acid Suppressants Effectively

Recent studies suggest altered treatment of acid-related disorders. Discover key points to consider when prescribing acid-reducing medications.

Flail Chest: Diagnosis & Bandaging

Appropriate stabilization of flail chest can reduce pain and result in better outcomes. Fine-tune your approach with this step-by-step guide.

Quiz: Atopy

Atopy cases can be challenging and frustrating to both clinicians and owners. Refresh your knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of atopy with this quiz. 

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CBC Quiz: The Chemotherapy Patient

Your lymphoma patient has changes on his CBC and is due for more chemotherapy. Do you know what to do? Use this quiz to learn how CBC abnormalities can alter chemotherapy protocols for cancer patients. 

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