September 2016 Ophthalmology

  • Choose your treatment option for this cat with a cloudy eye
  • Explore the benefits of acupuncture for cancer patients
  • How would you diagnose this patient with an oral mass of several weeks’ duration?
Table of Contents September 2016

Rehabilitation Therapy: Sciatic Nerve Injury

Learn how rehabilitation therapy helped a dog with sciatic nerve injury build strength, regain function, and get back to playing with other dogs.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Peer Reviewed Web-Exclusive

Surgeon’s Corner: Friction Knots & the Aberdeen Knot

Friction knots are an essential component of a reliable vascular pedicle ligature and buried knots are used to end continuous suture lines. Watch this video to learn the proper use of 3 common friction knots, and Aberdeen knot used to end a continuous suture line.

Surgery, Soft Tissue Web-Exclusive

Canine Leishmaniasis

This protozoal infection can manifest with a variety of complex signs. Use this comprehensive guide to diagnose and treat leishmaniasis.

Top 5 Oncologic Conditions that Respond to Surgery in Dogs

Optimize your surgical approach to five common oncologic conditions by reviewing these key points.

Surgery, Soft Tissue Peer Reviewed

Treating Pets & Production Animals in New Zealand

Discover how one practice in New Zealand aims to provide quality care to all the creatures in its community, great and small.

Canine Influenza

Refresh your knowledge of canine influenza, and review key diagnostic, treatment, and prevention strategies.

Viral Diseases Peer Reviewed

Cat with a Cloudy Eye

For cats with nonresponsive uveitis, there may be more than meets the eye. Explore the considerations and implications for different treatment routes in this interactive case article. 

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed

2016 AAFP Guidelines for the Management of Feline Hyperthyroidism

AAFP has recently drafted guidelines for the management of feline hyperthyroidism. Review key highlights from the guidelines here. 

Environmental Enrichment for Pet Psittacines

Environmental enrichment can decrease undesirable behavior in pet psittacines. Discover strategies to encourage natural behavior and optimize well-being in these birds.

Exotic Animal Medicine Peer Reviewed

Acupuncture in Conventional Cancer Care

Explore the potential benefits of complementary medicine in treating veterinary cancer patients.

The Case: Eclampsia with Financial Constraints

When financial constraints limit treatment options, doing what’s best can be a challenge. Two experts weigh in on one difficult case of tetany. 

Rostral Mandibular Mass in a Dog

An 11-year-old boxer is presented with a fast-growing oral mass. What is your diagnosis?

Oncology Peer Reviewed

Acupuncture to Support Veterinary Oncology Patients

Acupuncture has been shown to reduce nausea and pain in human cancer patients. Could it be beneficial for veterinary patients as well?

Congenital Hydrocephalus

Explore diagnostic approaches as well as acute and long-term treatment options for cases of suspected congenital hydrocephalus.

Neurology Peer Reviewed

Cataracts in Cats

Cataracts in cats most often occur secondary to another condition. Follow these diagnostic and management trees to guide diagnosis, classification, and treatment for this ocular disease.

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed