November 2015 Endocrinology

  • One expert’s top 5 maintenance insulins for diabetic patients
  • How to repair and prevent acute incisional hernias
  • Use this diagnostic tree to determine the likelihood of remission in a diabetic cat. 


Table of Contents November 2015

The "Accidental" Companion Animal Practice in Singapore

An expatriate opened this modern clinic where there is no veterinary school and little opportunity for specialty training or quality continuing education.

Hypothermia Overview

Combating hypothermia should be paramount for every hospitalized patient. Use these strategies to effectively—and easily—treat hypothermia. 

Anesthesiology Peer Reviewed

Urinary Catheters & Infection

Catheter type, collection system, and antibiotics use are just 3 factors that are suspected or known to promote urinary infection. Use these tips to reduce the risk.

Urology & Nephrology Peer Reviewed

Acute Incisional Hernias

Most acute incisional hernias stem from surgeon error, and although perhaps rare, their prevention and prompt detection are paramount.

Surgery, Soft Tissue Peer Reviewed

Isoniazid Toxicosis in Dogs

There is an antidote for isoniazid––but is it enough to save a dog from this devastating toxicosis?

Toxicology Peer Reviewed

Imaging the Urinary Tract

Radiographic and ultrasound imaging can help in diagnosing suspected urinary tract disorders. Choosing which when is the crux.

Imaging Peer Reviewed

Triaditis Syndrome

Given its complexity and unknown cause, feline triaditis can be challenging to both diagnose and treat, but these 2 checklists can help guide your approach.

The Fearful, Anxious, & Worried Pet

Fear and anxiety and their underlying neurologic milieu are so variable from patient to patient. Discover methods to help identify triggers and moderate pateint anxiety. Sponsored by an Unrestricted Educational Grant from Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc.

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North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum

Explore the latest about atopy and MRSP therapy, ischemic dermatopathies, fleas and mites, as well as elimination diets and other practical, promising topics.

Chronic Dermatitis & German Shorthaired Pointers

Given the clinical signs in this dog, what are the differentials and considerations for initial intervention while diagnostics are underway?

Dermatology Peer Reviewed

Repositioning or Enucleation of the Proptosed Globe

Save vision or save the globe? Identify these prognostic indicators to determine the best course of treatment.

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Maintenance Insulins

Use this handy guide to choose the appropriate insulin for your  diabetic patients.

Diabetes Remission in Cats

What are the indications of diabetic remission in cats? Follow this step-by-step diagnostic tree.

Image Gallery: Canine Eyelid Diseases

Review common eyelid abnormalities in dogs in this collection of images.

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed Web-Exclusive
From Plumb's Therapeutics Brief November 2015
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Macrocyclic Lactone-Resistant Heartworm Disease

Suspect macrocyclic lactone resistance in a case of canine heartworm? Follow this step-by-step algorithm to choose the best treatment.

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Amphotericin B: Should it be in Your Treatment Arsenal?

Discover the pros and cons of amphotericin use in this overview.

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Maintain safe trilostane usage in your patients by keeping up-to-date on dosing protocols, monitoring procedures, and potential adverse effects as outlined here.

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Mycophenolate Mofetil

Take a closer look at the clinical applications, treatment protocol, and adverse effects in this snapshot of mycophenolate mofetil.

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Generalized Demodicosis in a Golden Retriever

Which drugs are safe—and which should you avoid—in this case of demodicosis in a golden retriever? Take the challenge.

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Bartonellosis of the Cat & Dog

Explore antibiotic therapies for patients with bartonellosis in this pathogen profile.

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