The Quick, Step-by-Step Reference
to Diagnosis and Treatment
for Practitioners

Algorithms to Guide Your
Diagnosis & Treatment

Veterinary medicine isn’t a job—it’s what you do. Be the best at it. Stay steps ahead with this step-by-step guide to diagnosis and treatment. Order now!

"The algorithms provide a quick and accessible
rule-out list for almost every clinical problem!"

Indu Mani, DVM, DSc,

Natick Animal Clinic, Natick, Massachusetts


A step-by-step format to provide
a quick approach to case


The latest diagnostic and
management trees published in
Clinician's Brief


Diagnostic and management
trees are written by leading
industry experts


Laminated pages ensure
durability and longevity


Spiral format is light-weight
and easy to carry


Concise format helps you
reach diagnosis faster

Algorithms to Guide Your Diagnosis and Treatment features
a wide range of clinical topics, including:

More than 80 total diagnostic and management trees!

Fever of Unknown Origin

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Acute Abdominal Pain

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