Katrina Mealey

DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVCP, Washington State University

Katrina Mealey, DVM, PHD, DACVIM, DACVCP, is professor and Richard L. Ott Endowed Chair in Small Animal Medicine and Research at Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman. Her primary research interest is pharmacogenetics, specifically the study of genetic determinants of response to drug therapy. Most of Dr. Mealey’s current laboratory work focuses on MDR1 polymorphism in canine herding breeds (eg, collie, Australian shepherd, Shetland sheepdog) and its implications for multidrug sensitivity. In addition, the Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory at WSU recently started investigating other breed-related adverse drug reactions in dogs. Dr. Mealey received her DVM from Colorado State University and PhD from Texas A&M University. She also completed a small animal internship at University of Minnesota, along with 2 residencies (small animal internal medicine and veterinary clinical pharmacology) at Texas A&M University.

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<em>MDR1</em> Gene Mutations & Drug Therapy

MDR1 Gene Mutations & Drug Therapy

When P-glycoprotein dysfunction occurs, reactions happen. Learn the role MDR1 gene mutations play and how to avoid fatal drug combinations.

Genetics & Heritable Diseases|Peer Reviewed
How Should I Treat Dogs & Cats with <em>MDR1</em> Mutation?

How Should I Treat Dogs & Cats with MDR1 Mutation?

Explore the problems and find solutions associated with treating patients with MDR1 gene mutations in this special feature.

Pharmacology & Medications|Peer Reviewed
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