Fungal Diseases
Peer Reviewed

An 8-year-old, spayed female Siberian husky presented for epistaxis and mucopurulent nasal discharge.

History. The first episode of epistaxis had occurred 3 weeks before presentation and resolved after several hours. The second episode happened the following week and was more severe, prompting veterinary attention. Bleeding occurred from the right nostril only. Diagnostic investigation included complete blood count, measurement of prothrombin and partial thromboplastin times, measurement of Ehrlichia canis titers, and nasal radiographs. No significant abnormalities were identified. Mucopurulent nasal discharge was first observed after the second episode of epistaxis, which initially occurred from the right nostril only but became bilateral within days. The third episode of severe epistaxis prompted referral. Other than the nasal signs, the dog had been in good health.

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