Semen collection and evaluation are easily learned and can be done in the practice setting. This four-page article covers everything veterinarians need to know to support their breeder clients in producing excellent pups. Precollection procedures include obtaining a breeding history and medical history with medication or supplementation information as well as evaluating environmental factors and a pedigree (which should be examined for degree of inbreeding and other genetic or familial information). Equipment needed, space requirements, preparation, comfort of the male dog and "teaser" bitch, and collection methods are described in detail. A-to-Z semen evaluation procedures covered include gross evaluation, pH, motility, sperm count, spermatozoal morphologic characteristics (included is a table of spermatozoal abnormalities), cytologic characteristics, semen culture, and alkaline phosphatase for determining ductal patency. Practices incorporating such services can provide the client with prebreeding and prepurchase assessment; determine viability of fresh, chilled, or frozen semen for artificial insemination; and monitor infertility cases and response to treatment.

Semen Collection and Evaluation. Freshman JL. Clin Tech Small Anim Pract 17:104-107, 2002.