Research Note: Feline Diffuse Iris Melanoma: A Diagnostic Dilemma

In cats with diffuse iris melanoma, ophthalmologists often have to choose between enucleating an eye that may be healthy and monitoring a lesion that may be metastasizing. Learn what this study discovered regarding cell-free DNA’s role as a biomarker for inflammatory and neoplastic disease.


Research Note: Relationship Between Breed & Hemivertebrae

This study attempted to better understand the pathophysiology of hemivertebrae in screw-tailed brachycephalic breeds.


Research Note: Novel Protoparvovirus in Cats

If canine parvovirus can cause illness in cats, will a newly discovered canine protoparvovirus also cause clinical signs in cats? Read the results of this study to find out.

Infectious Disease

Research Note: Canine Cytochrome B Blood Mutations

This study aimed to describe the prevalence of mutations in the Babesia gibsoni mitochondrial genome that impart resistance of this organism to atovaquone. Explore what this study concluded regarding the necessity for genotyping prior to babesiosis treatment.

Infectious Disease

Research Note: Refining ECG Lead Placement in Dogs

ECG lead placement in dogs is important due to the variability of chest conformation and consequent heart position. Discover which V1 lead location resulted in more consistent results.


Research Note: Effect of Prolonged Famotidine Administration in Cats

How do varying dosing schedules of famotidine affect gastric pH in cats? Read the results of this study to find out.

Pharmacology & Medications

Research Note: Diagnosis of Canine Ovarian Remnant Syndrome

Follow this study to discover the effective tests for detecting ovarian remnant syndrome in dogs.


Research Note: Neurectomy of a Distal Nerve Sheath Tumor

Most canine peripheral nerve sheath tumors are proximal and necessitate limb amputation. This case report describes a distal nerve sheath tumor treated via neurectomy.


Research Note: Pharmacokinetics of Gabapentin in Cats

How do the pharmacokinetics of gabapentin in cats differ across different doses, administration frequency, and route of administration?

Pharmacology & Medications

Research Note: Preventive Measures for Canine Leishmaniasis

How can leishmaniasis be prevented? Read this case report to discover the efficacy of vaccination, drugs, and nutraceuticals as preventive measures.


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