Sadie, a 5-year-old spayed terrier crossbreed, was presented with recurrent, intermittent hematuria of 2 years’ duration.


Over 2 years, Sadie had 5 to 6 episodes of gross hematuria lasting for 3 to 5 days each; no other clinical signs were apparent during the episodes. CBC and serum chemistry profile measured at a later episode were within normal limits. Abdominal radiographs during the same episode appeared normal; cystic calculi were not observed. Urinalysis during 2 of the hematuria episodes showed concentrated urine (USG 1.05), pH 8.0, hematuria (10-50 RBCs/hpf, 2-3 WBCs/hpf), proteinuria (1-2+ on dipstick), and struvite crystalluria. No pollakiuria or stranguria was noted. No bacteria were seen on sediment examination. Culture and susceptibility testing results obtained during 2 episodes were negative. 

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